The Mutual of Excellence and Commitment

Publicado el: 13/07/2018

The Plan is the result of the strategic reflection process carried out in the last quarter of 2017 to chart the path to be followed by the mutual in the coming years. As a result of this process, the following steps should be highlighted:

  • Expansion of the mission (our raison d'être), giving more emphasis to the collaboration in the sustainability of the system.
  • Continuity of the path to excellence initiated in 2014, accompanied by the concept of "commitment" with the sustainability of the system, with the health of the workforce, with our mutualists, with the people, and with the team we form, the entity.
  • There is a need for transformation of our processes and culture to remain sustainable and referents in our sector. This change must be agile, fast and assumed by the whole organization with the utmost commitment.
plan estratégico