Social assistance ensures the wellbeing of different groups of affiliated employees by offering them cover and guaranteeing their basic needs, personal autonomy and quality of life.

New assistance for self-employed


Adaptation of the business to suit the worker's tax requirements in the case of Permanent Partial Disability.

Financial assistance to assume the fixed costs of affiliation to RETA for one year.


Financial assistance in order to invest in fixed assets required for setting up a business.



payments in aid granted



Financial assistance in order to pay social security contributions during the second year.



in payments made:

+47.48% more than in 2016

Expansion of Work Reintegration Programme

Programme under the management of the Social Work team, aimed at employees who, due to work accidents or work-related illnesses, are unable to continue working or have lost their job during the recovery process.

In 2017 the programme was boosted by new coaching methods under the initiative entitled “I can”, and with an increase in financial support.

41,2% of those in the programme found employment in 2017

Social Presence and Recognition


conferences and events organised by Mutua Universal


congresses and forums participations



Third Edition of the Innovation and Health Care Awards

Innovation is one of the mainstays of Mutua Universal as it tirelessly strives to achieve excellence. The Innovation and Health Care Awards aim to extend this culture of modernisation to our associated companies by acknowledging innovative practices that raise health care awareness among their employees.


Publicado el: 18/04/2017


Discover the winning associated companies of the Third Edition of Mutua Universal’s Innovation and Health Care Awards